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Ways Gen Z Is Changing the Hotel Industry

For many years, hospitality professionals have been planning strategies to cater to the Millennial generation’s needs. However, the oldest members of this demographic are now entering their 40s. This means that they are about to be joined by Generation Z.

The guest demographic most likely to be affected by the changes in the hospitality industry is the Digital Information Generation, born during the 1990s and 2000s. Gen Z is known to have digital literacy. This level of knowledge is expected to change the ways of the traditional hotel industry.

Gen Z Guests

Despite being financially independent, most members of Generation Z are still very social. By interacting with the online community, they can compensate for their lack of financial independence.

While Gen Z hotel guests rely on their parent’s financial support to travel, they also have specific requirements that affect their parents’ spending. Since this demographic is going through puberty, many parents of Gen Z hotel guests book their vacations based on their child’s preferences. The actual spending power of Gen Z hotel guests is revealed by the length of their stay and the amount of money they spend on their family vacations. This demographic is also more likely to spend on their children’s activities.

Booking for Gen Z

Gen Z hotel guests will have a say in where the family’s holiday will be as they get older. You can also reach out to them through social media campaigns. Hiring a professional photographer is one of the most essential factors you should consider when it comes to enhancing the image of your hotel. This will allow you to represent your business better and provide a memorable experience for your guests.

This generation is likelier to avoid following the rules when traveling with their parents. Instead, they prefer to take their parents’ business somewhere else. The correct image will allow them to show off their vacation on their social media platforms easily.

Gen Z as Hospitality Employees

Many of your staff members are already Generation Z. What can you expect from them, and how can they benefit your hotel? This generation is more likely to be able to handle the tasks and responsibilities of managing your hotel’s property management system without having to undergo training.

The main reason why Gen Z is more likely to be able to handle the tasks and responsibilities of managing your hotel’s property management system without having to undergo training is due to their expectation of automation and integration. This generation is also likely to welcome any changes you make to the system.


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